Skin for Skin is a campaign where gamers can trade in-game skins and items for skincare products, directly on the gaming platform Steam.

Year: 2019

Client: Apotek Hjärtat
Agency: Wenderfalck
Role: Art Director & Designer
Copywriter: Josefine Torenfält

Skin for Skin – Apotek Hjärtat

Just as important it is to level up your character’s skin in games, as important is it to take care of your own skin. 

Long hours in front of the monitor’s blue light can cause stress to the human skin. The radiation from the screen irritates our skin and the blur light could also disturb our sleep, which affects our hormones, that, in turn, creates more acne.

Gamers can connect with Apotek_Hjartat on Steam, send a trade request with a random item, and receive skin care products from Apotek Hjärtat.

The campaign is activated on YouTube, Instagram and with selected Twitch-profiles. Skin for Skin will also be activate during Dreamhack Winter 2019, world’s largest e-sport event.’