The mosquito situation gets really ugly in the Nordics during the summer months. 
Especially for kids, since they’re not recommended to apply mosquito repellents. 

Science shows that the music genre dubstep, and the mix between high and low musical frequencies, 
confuses the mosquitos and makes them less eager to bite.

Year: 2019

Client: Apotek Hjärtat
Agency: Wenderfalck
Role: Art Director & Design
Copywriter: Josefine Torenfält

DJ Myggbetty - Apoteket Hjärtat

So we took this knowledge and used it to create this summers most obnoxious music experience – DJ MYGGBETTY Smashing Mosquito Summer Edition 2019 – dubstep versions of famous kids song to keep the mosquitos away. The album is free on all major streaming services.